New hair new me

So I had this wig in my room I had bought during the school year last year but didn't wear it for long because I was too sick and my hair was falling out.
Yesterday, my mother and I went to our hairstylist so that he could tighten her hair and take some layers out of my hair. Little did we know he was going to do it and do my hair at the same time. I thought it was funny because I only went there to watch my mom get her hair done but I ended up getting mine done as well and I also took over her appointment 😂

After he finished with my hair I felt like a new person. I started to fantasized about what I would look like when I dressed up and put my makeup and totally got happy. 💄💄 I know it's weird to having a weave wig make me feel like a new person rather than me just being me and changing the way I do things.


Hot Hot Hot!!

Dear heat, 

Could you please cool down? I want to be able to walk outside and not pass out. I am trying to look cute this summer and show off my progress when I start working out. It is ridiculous that you can get this hot. I already have skin problems due to my autoimmune disease and I do not need any more problems. I can only cover so much with the clothes I am able to wear.. But if you cool down I will be able to wear less! So please heat, I am begging you to cool down and have a nice breeze. 


The girl struggling with lupus and beauty.