Self image 

There comes a time when you have to look at yourself before you can judge someone. 

  • Do you have a self image that is noticeable?
  • Do you judge others because it makes you feel better? 
  • Have you let what others think ruin your image? 
  • Are you hard on yourself? 
  • Do you look at others and wish you were them? 

These are some of the questions you may need to answer before you truly know your own self image. Write it down, say it every day, send it out, read it, but whatever you do don’t let it go. Having your own self image should be a priority and not an option.  


Sleepless nights 

  • Have you ever went had trouble sleeping at night? 
  • Have you ever need medication to help sleep? 

I have this issue every so often and the best way to get the through this problem is reading. I’ll find a book that I know is boring and read it until I start to get sleepy along with going into the kitchen and getting me something to eat or drink. Another option is to take a nice bath to help relax your mind and body.. By doing that your body will be more ease and you’ll be able to sleep.  

I mainly have sleepless nights due to some of the medications I take for my Lupus but also because my body is usually in severe pain and it’s hard to concentrate on sleep. For example, right now I am making this blog post early today because I cannot go to sleep after waking up in the middle of the night due to pain. Therefore, I am having a sleepless night. I’ll should follow my own advice on how to overcome this problem, right? 

Love yourself 

I have a hard time loving myself because of the weight gain and skin problems I deal with while having Lupus. Getting ready and making myself look like a little black Barbie doll is the best way I know how to love myself regardless of all the imperfections I am dealing with. Lupus may have changed my life but it just made me feel stronger and become more unique so my fellow friends, love yourself and be happy! 

The drag of doctors appointment 

It’s Friday! The day everyone can’t wait to get here! Sadly, I have a kidney appointment today.. I dislike doctor’s appointment but I get to find out my biopsy results 😊 I decided to make myself look beautiful so that I can walk into the doctor’s office with a positive attitude. Besides, maybe I’ll receive some good news! I mean, don’t I look wonderful today? I feel like crap but im definitely not going to show it 💁🏽 


Have you been diagnosed with an illness and felt like your life is over?

Have you been diagnosed with an illness that attacks your skin and you no longer feel pretty?

My name is Vanessa Myers and I am here to help you overcome your sickness and have confidence within yourself and still look pretty regardless of the skin problems that comes with your sickness..